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Footprints Under the Pines

by Dawn Batterbee Miller

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Dawn is uniquely equipped to write about nineteenth-century lumber camps. Having been raised in deep woods territory, she grew up steeped in family stories and the local lore of the lumberjack.

Book description:

Katherine Bains lost everything when her parents died of consumption in England and she was shunted off to Canada to live with an aunt she never knew. Once she met and married Frank McLean, however, she thought her pain and sadness were gone forever. Then a tragic fire destroys her house and takes the life of her precious infant son. Katherine, Frank, and their two daughters must leave their home and start anew in frigid, rough lumberjack territory. Long ago, she’d abandoned any faith in a God who would allow such devastation and despair to happen. But when catastrophe and heartbreak tail the family and a series of events finds Katherine frightened and hopeless in the deep north wilderness, she discovers she has never been alone. God’s mercy is always near, and help comes in the most unexpected ways.

When we lose everything we most love, we begin to find what we most need. Footprints Under the Pines tells the story of one woman’s loss and recovery, heartbreak and renewal, defeat and ultimate victory—and her long journey home to a loving Father.

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Endorsement by Kathi Macias

Dawn Batterbee Miller is a fresh new voice in Christian fiction, introducing readers to theexciting and challenging logging world of the Midwest backwoods in the late 1890s. Footprints Under the Pines is a fast-paced story of adventure, romance, and danger that will quickly draw readers in and hold them from first page to last-and leave them wanting more. Highly recommended!

Kathi Macias
Award-winning author/speaker

Endorsement by Dr. Curtis Alexander

Dawn Miller’s Footprints Under the Pines could have been lifted right out of The Petoskey News–Review of 1897. With characters you just can’t forget and a plot that keeps you turning pages, this book is a must–read for anyone who enjoys pioneer Americana.

Miller’s graphic depictions of life in northern Michigan’s lumbering era make you almost wish you were there——until the tall load falls and everyone runs for their lives. Or someone is sick and the medical establishment has yet to be established. Or a little girl . . . oops, I’d better not go there. But you should, if a quiet evening, a good cup of coffee and a heartwarming story are your cup of tea.

Thanks, Dawn Batterbee Miller, for Footprints Under the Pines. Now I wonder, what could you do for a sequel?

Dr. Curtis Alexander
Associate Editor
Missionary Church Today magazine

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Pioneer Potpourri

Pioneer Potpourri Now Available

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Book description:

Life in the wild 19th century Midwest was demanding at best. Men slogged through waist deep snow in search of a home. Women lugged barrels of flour over rugged roads to supply meals for families. Five year old boys herded cattle all day to sustain the family homestead. Yet the westward call thrived.

A veteran can homestead as much as a hundred sixty acres, it was said. Anyone can set up claim stakes on an eighty-wonderful country-good farm land-beautiful-a railroad coming through soon from the south.

And so the people came-hardy souls with the strength to face the perils of pioneer life. Some who came were unable to stand the strain of work and weather, and after a few seasons they moved on to fairer fields. But where they had been, they left a rude cabin, a cleared field or a small orchard to provide a better foothold for those who inevitably followed.

These then were the men and women who built our nation, their stories preserved in early Midwest style for future generations in this volume.

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Author Bio

Rosalind Batterbee Bundy Westcott speaks as a voice from the past. A newspaper columnist during the 1950s, Mrs. Westcott served as an envoy for those hardy souls who braved Mid-Michigan's deep woods during a time of great hardship in search of hearth and home. Mrs. Westcott's consuming interest in early settlement led her from farm to farm and from home to home collecting first person accounts of pioneer life. Pioneer Potpourri is a chronicle of those stories as told by the people who lived them.

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